La collection Sigur

The first collection of Youtterly refers to Belgium, a real cultural, innovative and contrasted kingdom.

What is more normal to undertake than to draw inspiration from its peers with honorable examples of Belgian companies recognized worldwide.
That’s why Youtterly has selected 4 companies to take inspiration from their universe.
The characteristic of these Belgian companies is that they all live by their passion, their know-how and share the culture of excellence and the desire to innovate.

Just like Youtterly!

This is why the inspiration of this first collection has produced a range of four rings declined with four necklaces that convey a piece of Belgian history.

marque haut de gamme accessoires joaillerie

The timeless architecture

“Pierre Bleue Belge”


The memory of a childhood confectionery


Youtterly collection joaillerie Neuhous

The delicate chocolate pralines



The fine bubbles of sparkling Chardonnay


The jewels for all circumstances,

You might have experienced not to be able to wear your ring, necklace, hanger, or another jewel under certain circumstances ?
Hence, among the reasons given, there might be the value of the jewel, the fragility of the materials or its color.
This is why Youtterly offers you an alternative to not to be confronted anymore with this kind of situation.
Indeed, when buying a Youtterly jewel, you will have the choice of the material and hence of its value.
So, when buying Youtterly jewelry you will have the choice, to wear your gold ring or to wear its colored similar one in brass or silver.
Consequently, with Youtterly, you can wear your jewelry every day, match it with your outfits, without fear for its integrity.
The collection is thus declined in four rings and four necklaces that convey respectable pieces of belgian stories.
These 8 models are available in various colors and materials, either in brass (black, gold, pink), 925 silver or 14 and 18 carat (white, gold, pink).

Youtterly joaillerie pendentif femme timeless
Youtterly joaillerie pendentif femme sentimental Luxe
Youtterly joaillerie pendentif femme timeless luxe or blanc
Youtterly joaillerie pendentif femme sentimental Luxe
For this collection, Youtterly also chose to turn itself to.
Craftsmanship – Expertise – Innovation

industrial design

Industrial designers create products that are generally aimed at a mass production.
Concretely, they do market analyses, research on the actions to produce and the context of utilization, but taking into account de inherent specificities of the industrial products.
Afterwards, they make preliminary projects which take into account the parameters of this research and analysis.
The objective is to propose a coherent, functional , ergonomic, esthetic product that satisfy the needs and constraints, among others environmental ones…
The final aim is to be able to have a product with a high added value, the most efficient and at the most competitive price possible.
Moreover, Youtterly’s designers were keen to add an additional parameter to the creation of the Youtterly products.
This consists of making a product “talk”, of conveying a “story” where the customer takes back his rights and appropriates them.



Bijouterie – Joaillerie

The jeweler creates, realizes, and sells jewels in precious metal (gold, silver, platinum). Jewelry is the art of creating a showpiece, a particular know-how, an authentic character to serve beauty, sometimes even a recognition.
It is like that, “The art of making jewels”, the development of a precious metal frame.
That is why, Youtterly is surrounded by several jewelers.


Additive Technologie

Youtterly chose for a technology which is really future-oriented with the 3D printing.
It is a technique of very high precision, without compromise, really devoted to an unlimited creativity.
Moreover, their production processes allow to be very competitive across our borders.
And to limit industrial waste.