The Chocolate house NEUHAUS




Neuhaus makes us dream with their delicious pralines since 1857.
Being mouthfuls of chocolate or stuffed, they are full of tradition and know-how.
Neuhaus is hence primarly a chocolate with a balanced and refined taste, fruit of ancestral recipes and always kept secret.
Moreover, it is a Belgian manufacture with an international reputation.
So that the pralines became the present to offer.
This is evidenced by the famous ballotin created by Louise Agostini, the wife of Jean Neuhaus.
This delicate delicatesse is definitly a luxury, a prestige.
Additionally, since 2000, they are part of the official suppliers of the Royal Court of Belgium.
Apart from the fact of giving such delicious pralines, the house has moreover succeeded to combine the innovation and originality of genious creators.

A delicate, prestigious, ancestral and Belgian delight, what an inspiration for the creators of Youtterly!
Indeed, the jewelry « Delicate » has been inspired by the most traditional shape of the praline, the cube. When held between two fingers, it expresses beauty, finesse and rigourness justifing the prestige.

Youtterly collection joaillerie Neuhous

The jewelry « Delicate » will inspire the most refined, delicate souls, but also the most gourmand ones with elegant jewels, combining the delectable with the exquisite and the prestige.