The confectionery Geldhof——————————


Since 1954, the Confectionary Geldhof regales us with his cuberdons.
They are for some persons, sweet and haunting memories of childhood, with the shape of a nose or priest hat.
It is also and even more a candy with sweet syrup, coated with a thick crust of sugar. Made from a secret recipe from 1873, the cuberdon is recognized as a traditional Flemish regional product.
Crunchy on the outside and deliciously melting in his heart, it is one of the most famous Belgian confectionery.

A so recognizable, so unique shape and taste, which provokes in us the memories of childhood.
Indeed, it was enough to the Youtterly team to be inspired from this Belgian jewel.
And, as if time was suspended, the jewelry Memory plays the balance.

The simplicity of the jewelry “Sentimental” will seduce the most sentimentals and will melt the gourmands.